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Nothing can beat the devastation when you are diagnosed with genital herpes. This devastation gets worse if your love life is at its peak. After the diagnosis, the mere thought of herpes dating in Canada may make them feel anxious, leaving wondering if they will find love and be loved all over again despite their condition.

Just so you know, just because you have been diagnosed with herpes doesn’t necessarily mean that your dating and love life is also over. Yes, you’ve read that right. There is simply no reason for you not to go on with your life and meet and date people. Provided that you have the willingness to be honest and open with your date about your condition, you can look forward to a relationship filled with love and acceptance.

Below are some tips on how to date in Canada if you have been diagnosed with herpes:

Be Open and Willing to Communicate

Being diagnosed with herpes doesn’t mean that your dating or sex life should also come to an end. However, according to experts, it still requires a responsible communication and maintenance with your sexual partner as well as your doctor.

Never Be Afraid of Emotional Intimacy

An honest and open conversation regarding your herpes diagnosis might call for an emotional intimacy that could be a bit scary, especially if your relationship is still new or hasn’t even officially started yet. Experts recommend people with herpes to relax and remember that it could actually be sexy and exciting to communicate about sex with your partner as well as other similar intimate subjects.

Maintain Safe Intimacy with These Tips

With enough protection and the right information, you can look forward to enjoying a healthy sexual relationship. Check out the following tips to maintain you and your partner’s safety during intimate moments:

Consider medication

You can help suppress the herpes virus and asymptomatic shedding by taking an antiviral on a daily basis. A certain study revealed that taking an antiviral every day can lower transmission. The strategy, however, is not recommended for everyone yet it is reasonable for some genital herpes patients.

Know that there will always be a risk

Although many people only shed the virus for a relatively shorter time period, experts say that you cannot completely get rid of the risk. This is why it is important to use proper protection 100% of the time, particularly with new partners.

Learn proper stress management

Stress is usually a trigger of new outbreak of herpes so it is important to have good skills in stress management and live a healthy lifestyle that can help with outbreaks in the future, thus reducing the risks of transmission.

Know the right way of using a condom

Finally, experts stress the importance of correct and consistent condom use that can offer significant protection from the spread of herpes. Avoiding any sexual interaction when you are experiencing an active outbreak of herpes can also lower risks of transmission.